Frequently Asked Questions

Good communication is key and we understand we are a team – you provide the facts and we provide the law. Your attorney should be willing to take the time to listen. Then, your attorney should educate you about the legal process. An educated client is the best client.  I will make sure to first listen and then to explain to you what the law says and teach you how it affects the way you act or do business so that you can spot problems well in advance.

We offer several options depending on your case and financial situation.  We offer flat fees, payment plans, and legal coaching for cases you want to handle yourself, pro se. 

There are many issues in a divorce besides children and property. I would advise you to still see an attorney for a consultation to cover all issues that you have not thought of including debts and future liability. Be extremely careful and seek proper legal advice if you have any questions. Some say, “you only live once” but that is false.  You only die once, but you live every day so choose wisely. 

We may spare the costs and conflicts of a traditional courtroom divorce case by using formal or informal mediation and collaborative settlement options. You keep control and you minimize your financial and emotional risks. 

We offer telephonic and virtual consultations, mediations, collaborative meetings, and client consultations by appointment starting at $100.00

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Attorney Williams sees potential new clients as soon as possible. Please email to set an appointment for your First Visit.

Attorney Williams charges $100.00 for the First Visit.
Please contact for special offers with regard to your First Visit with Attorney Williams.