Our Mission Is Simple . . .

Always be kind, honest, fair, and true in our dealings.  Negotiate every possibility in favor of our client and zealously litigate as a last resort. 

“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are” E.E.Cummings 

Our History Is Telling . . .

After graduating first in her class from law school, Susan returned to her roots in Winter Park, Florida. Susan gained valuable insight into the legal system as she was mentored by a Highly Awarded Ninth Judicial Circuit Judge at the Orange County Courthouse as both a legal intern and also as a judicial assistant.  After practicing law for many years, she learned the skills to settle many cases in favor of her clients and she became a Supreme Court Certified Mediator. Susan is a gifted mediator and has been Supreme Court Certified for over 15 years. Susan has mediated well over 1000 cases as a mediator and many more as an attorney.

We invite you to consider how she might be able to help you in your case as an attorney or as a mediator. 

Our Personal understanding of
Family law & Church Law

Few attorneys have the knowledge and personal experience that Susan has regarding what it means to be involved in an emotionally draining family law case, for real. When you have walked the walk yourself, you have a different personal perspective on a family law case from being a party, a spouse and a parent. 

She has personal experience regarding church law, church government and administration. She was born into the faith and was raised in the church. She is descended from ministers on both sides of her family. Ms. Williams and many other members of her family serve as Pastors, Church Board Members, Church Administrators, Music Ministers and Missionaries.

Ms. Williams attended bible school and continues to receive training and is a teacher of biblical studies following her time in law school. She has received a Theology Degree and Ordination from an International denomination.

As a minister’s daughter, she knows first hand the types of legal problems and challenges that pastors face on a regular basis. She has a unique understanding of the internal workings of the church that enable her to give good counsel to church leaders and Christians that have core values based on biblical principles


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